The Greener Difference

Learn how our landscape experts delight a variety of clients with award-winning designs and meticulous attention to detail.

National Award Winning Designs

Our work has been published in domestic magazines, and we have won several national awards in design and safety.

Horticulturally Trained Staff

All our staff members receive constant training and are certified, have horticultural and/or design related degrees, or are in the process of getting certified by the International Certification Council.

Lifetime & Two Year Plant Warranty

We select plant material based on several factors including the local environment ensuring that plantings are healthy. We back this up with a warranty unmatched by our competitors. We are so confident in our practices that we are currently offering LIFETIME warranties on properties in which we have the complete landscape maintenance responsibility.

Outstanding Client Care

Our clients love the fact that we are constantly watching their gardens and communicating with them about what is going on there. Part of what sets us apart is we care about and are committed to the health and well being of each landscape as a facet of the local ecology. Ninety percent of our new work comes through referrals.

Commitment to Sustainability

The relationship with nature is the primary relationship that sustains life on the planet. Gardens are the direct manifestation of our symbiotic relationship with plant life and as such represent how our commitment to the planet shows up where we live. We insure that gardens are diverse, include as many natives as you permit, and sustain our spirits as well as the local ecology. In addition to avoiding Synthetics wherever possible, we use the most energy efficient equipment without compromising client value. We are developing on site mulching, particularly leaf mulching. Rather than blow leaves off of your property, we mulch them into your soil increasing the organic content of the soil and therefore the health of your plantings and lawn.

Organic Soil Testing and Remediation

Soil culture is the basis of all plant health and yet 95% of all landscape professionals don’t bother to test the soil. All of our work begins with soil testing followed by the necessary remediation steps. Lastly, the maintenance of a healthy soil culture is ensured through the use of organics and compost tea.



"The crew really did a wonderful job on my property. You also did a great job working with me on the design of my garden to incorporate everything that was important to me."

"First of all, we really love the garden and the way it looks, and the guys who came to do the installation were great and very helpful."

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