February 2, 2012

Ten Garden Design Thoughts For This Spring

10 Design Ideas:

1) Think of your home with nothing around it “naked”; what should NOT be covered up by plants? windows? architectural features?

2) What do you want to hide with plantings? Downspouts? electric/gas meters?

3) What features (of your home) do you want to draw attention to maybe through framing them with plants? French doors? Main entry? Maybe a bay window?

4) When do you look at your garden space the most? what would you like to see there? Think color!

5) What other sensory stimulation would you like (from your garden ; ) ? Sound? Smell? Touch?

6) What features of your property most annoy you? Your neighbors? The driveway? and how can you soften the impact of these features with plantings?

7) What room would you most like to have outdoors? Bedroom? Living room? Dining room? and what would it be worth to you? How would outdoor rooms increase the value of your home to yourself and others?

8) What area are you least using that you could develop into a new room? Front/back yard?

9) What lawn areas do you have that you never really walk on or touch? converting these to grouncover or better yet, native perennials will pay for itself in maintenance savings in less than five years AND make your property more eco-friendly to beneficial insects.

10) Where can you most benefit from a large hardwood tree that would shade your home yielding energy savings,  absorb storm water reducing run off and basement leaks and increase bio diversity WITHOUT shading the rest of the property too much?

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