February 16, 2012

Stone in the Landscape

If it’s possible to be surprised as well as delighted to encounter a monolith in the landscape, a wall created by master stone designer Lew French can certainly pull off such a feat.

Admitting to infrequently designing on paper, instead, after conceptualizing an overall picture, French relies on instinct and the experience of more than twenty years of working in his chosen medium to dictate the details of each piece.  And because his masonry creations rarely employ cut stone, a good portion of the hours dedicated to every project is spent on hand picking the stone material.  If a piece of stone doesn’t fit, he doesn’t use it.  French has had the good fortune of long term creative partnerships with many of his clients.  His working process is unorthodox and takes more time than a typical masonry installation, but the end results are certainly worth the wait.

For pure inspiration Stone by Design by Lew French, a photographic narration of a number of his stunning stone interiors and landscape installations will not disappoint.


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