Landscape Design

Ecologically-sensitive designs from the smallest New York City gardens, to the largest Westchester County estates.

Find the best landscape design company for your Westchester NY property.Our award winning designers will not only make your landscape more usable, but will help keep maintenance costs low, reduce your carbon footprint, increase texture and color in your garden, and support beneficial insects and wildlife. Our design process is collaborative and balances the tastes and needs of our clients with the architecture of the structure, plant needs, and the conditions of the property. We are equally comfortable designing small urban spaces and large estates, as examples of our work indicate. We have designed and built everything from estate gardens, terraces and rooftops, to foundations. Such processes are completed using hand drawings, computer renderings, blueprints and more.

Types of Landscaping Projects

Here at Greener by Design we primarily provide three types of landscaping options. In addition to each of these three options we also provide full maintenance for all our landscaped properties:

  • Backyard Landscaping – This is one of our most popular options. If you have a yard of any size at your home, let us help make it a beautiful oasis.
  • Rooftop Landscaping – We can turn your rooftop into an attractive area that is not only beautiful but also helps your building to be more energy efficient. These rooftop landscaping jobs can even help protect your building from the elements.
  • Large Properties & Estates – We can design and install landscaping for any size property. Once the landscaping is installed, we can maintain it as well to ensure your property is always looking its best.

The Design Process

Steps 1 and 2: Initial Consultation (No charge if done within office)

  1. We do research with the client to explore their likes and dislikes. Clients will be asked to bring in some examples of their preferences. We can e-mail images to help guide this process.
  1. We will show the client some potential garden spaces. Once familiar with the architecture and layout of the property along with an idea of the client’s preferences, we present the client with possible layouts for the spaces that need to be developed.
  1. Contracting and deposit.
  1. Renderings and proposals: All designs will be presented to the client within 10 business days of receiving the initial deposit.

All of our designs take the architecture of the home into consideration. The relationship between the garden and the architecture is key to making any garden space work.

Greener by Design can execute all of our designs through our landscape construction arm.

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"The crew really did a wonderful job on my property. You also did a great job working with me on the design of my garden to incorporate everything that was important to me."

"First of all, we really love the garden and the way it looks, and the guys who came to do the installation were great and very helpful."

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Midtown NYC Commercial Garden

Pelham Family Garden

Columbus Avenue Terrace Retreat

NYC Residential Rooftop

Gorgeous Landscapes that Save the Planet

Greener by Design wants to help you learn how to create a stunning landscape while improving the environment around you.

Topics discussed:

  • Using natural irrigation
  • Incorporating certified wood
  • Planting for energy savings
  • How to use local plants
  • Reducing lawn areas
  • Planting for years to come